Decorative crown molding will add charm and elegance to your rooms just by their very nature. Even the most plain looking of rooms can be transformed into tasteful spaces just by adding crown molding. The available choices of decorative styles today make the options almost limitless, giving the homeowner the ability to turn his living room into a Victorian parlor or a warm rich library.

Everybody wants to live in a beautiful and well-decorated home. One of the best ways to make your home attractive and eye catching is to install crown molding. They are one of best decorative items that give a classy feel to your dream home. Apart from the above mentioned places, you can also use them as wall and cabinet capping. They are also the best for providing architectural support to shelves etc. You can create a magnificent ambience by using moldings of a number of different styles in the same room. If you have a fire place in your drawing room, you can install crown molding on its surfaces to make it look antique and classic. If you have an old house that has sustained a number of ugly joints over the years, you can always use these moldings to hide them easily.

Crown moldings are much more than just a decorative item. Besides providing support to fireplaces and shelves, they also provide an extra protection to the walls. Moldings will help your walls and its plaster last longer by avoiding the regular wear and other damages that are bound to happen over the years. Crown molding is known to protect you wall and its plaster from the expansion or expansion in woodwork.



Ceilings are not always white and flat as we have been used to. They seem to be always the same no matter the interior. But in contemporary homes this has changed. The ceiling can change the whole look of a space and give it character. It is a large part of any room so ceiling structures can be really impressive.

The design of the ceiling depends on the size of the room, the height of the ceiling itself, the style of the interior as well as the color palette. Think of the type of ceiling you want in your living room, bedroom or kitchen choosing between tray, beam, coved, coffered or drop ceilings. All of them will give an exclusive look to the interior.

Lighting is very important in the modern ceiling structure. You can define the lines of your tray ceiling to add even more accent on it. Pot lights units are popular choice for designers when it comes to elaborate roofs. Chandeliers and pendant lights can be combined beautifully with tray ceilings as well. When combined properly the shape and form of the ceiling together with the right lighting fixtures can make a big difference in the interior of your space.

Custom made ceilings change the bigger picture that a room gives by working with the visual impression. High roofs tend to enlarge the room visually and make it feel more spacious while drop ceilings have a more compact modern twist.

A coffered ceiling is a pattern of indentations or recesses in the overhead surface of an interior. In architecture, a “coffer” is a sunken panel in a ceiling, including the interiors of domes and vaults. Coffers have been used in ceilings for centuries, they are timeless.

Where Can We Make A Coffered Ceiling?

Everywhere! In bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, dining areas, living rooms, entryways, libraries and home offices – a coffered ceiling will be perfect anywhere. It can be absolutely different and support any style you have: rustic, refined, glam, classic, vintage or modern. If you want to continue rustic theme in décor, try a coffered ceiling with natural wooden parts, choose barn wood or weathered wood. Weathered wood and white will be a great combo for a Scandinavian or a shabby chic space. choose bold coffered ceilings to make a statement, for example, a black and white one.



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